Welcome to Le Petit Trot !

Located in Corme-Écluse, only 10 minutes away from Royan and 5 minutes from Saujon or Cozes, Le Petit Trot welcomes you between vineyards and the edges of the Seudre river for leisure horse riding.

Here, horses and ponies live in herds in the surrounding meadows and await you for peaceful strolls or small gallops on the paths and tracks of Saujon's countryside.

We are here:

Le Petit Trot 
27 rue de Chantegrenouille
17600 Corme-Écluse
+33 (0) 6 77 46 95 61


What about having fun on a walk along the river Seudre or go for a hike in the Pays Royannais? Or maybe you'd like to introduce your children to horse riding, while enjoying your stay? Or offer them a refresher course? Émilie, our BPJEPS graduated instructor, will guide you with kindness and friendliness, with respect for the animal and the rider.

COURSESWe offer riding lessons from age 6 or pony pampering sessions from age 4.

Weather they are initiation or improvement, these lessons will allow your child to progress at her/his own pace from gallop 1 to gallop 4 on adapted horses and ponies.

Courses take place in the outdoor arena or on the surrounding paths. Different specialities are offered: jumping, dressage, acrobatics, carriage driving ...

CAMPSSchool holidays are made for riding!

For beginners, even if they have never ridden before, we offer introductory courses from age 6.
For budding riders with a little experience, we offer courses from age 8.

On the program: hikes, acrobatics, pony care & grooming, carriage driving, practical and theoretical teaching.

RIDES With leisure horse riding in mind, Le Petit Trot has made the
hike his "battle horse".

The beaches of the Gironde estuary, the banks of the Seudre river, the vineyards and surrounding woods give access to country trails that allow hikes  from one hour to the full day.

Whether it is with one of our horses, ponies or with a carriage, we offer you to go for a hike on country paths, with a group or family, by adapting the pace to your level.

Whatever your level, join us at regularly scheduled events, or organize your privatized ride.

Our ponies & horses

From Shetland for the little ones, to the horses of any breed for the adults, our animals are selected for their kindness and for your comfort. Their size and character are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.


Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca Rebeccacahuète !


Je préfère les prés Cormillons aux plaines arides de l'état qui porte mon nom.


 J'ai fière allure quand mon toupet flotte au vent


J'adore raconter des blagues et parfois je rigole (très fort) de mes bêtises.


J'ai les yeux bleus et mon petit caractère.


Les vieux ne comptent pas pour des prunes !


Je suis Coco le coquin, pas de doute, j'ai le look, Coco !


Prénom très original, bravo, merci !


Haute comme trois pommes (mon fruit préféré)


J'aime faire bouger mes oreilles sous la lune


Monture de luxe


On dit que j'ai des belles gambettes…


Fazou fait tout et vous colle partout.


J'aurais voulu être une diva


Bin vas-y alors !